No vegan road trip along the California coast is complete without stopping for tacos! Tucked in the Santa Lucia Mountains off the Pacific coast is San Luis Obispo, one of California’s coolest towns. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s right in the middle of Central coast wine country. 

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SLO is not too big, not too small and has a vibrant, diverse, and mellow vibe so we stopped for lunch at an all-vegan cafe situated along the creek that runs through town. It’s pretty magical. 

I went straight for the tacos and mixed and matched between Baja Chipotle’s and Kalefornia Pesto. They were mouthwatering! And, yes, Rocco nibbled on them with me. 

They also have other things like Bliss Bowls, The Bihma Burger, Rueben, wraps (the Avocado Lemon Love) and a variety of smoothies. I want to come back for their gorgeous looking Breakfast Bowls! Next time!

Be Daring. Go vegan.


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