“Compassion is the fashion, say no to fur!”

Back in the 1980’s when I was in my 20’s, and completely not veg in any way, there were three animal cruelty no-no’s that seemed common knowledge, even amongst those of us who were meat and dairy eaters but also wanting to be conscientious of doing the least amount of harm to animals.

One was, stay away from veal, because of the suffering of baby male calves having to stand alone in crates for about 12 weeks before being sent to slaughter so that they are nice and tender. 30 years later, I now know that the reason they’re in those crates is a direct result of the cruel dairy industry where the female cows are forcefully and repeatedly impregnate by the millions and billions in order for her to lactate. As soon as she gives birth, her calves are taken away from her so we can have her milk. Unimaginably cruel.

Two was, don’t eat Foi Gras because of the horrific way they keep and force feed the geese. The cruelty in this sickening industry is also unimaginable.

And the third, arguably being the most vile, barbaric, and horrific, was the fur industry. It seemed like common knowledge that you had to be a monster to wear fur –  foxes,  bunnies, raccoons, chinchillas, and minks are bred and raised solely for fashion and, in order to keep their pelts untarnished, they’re kept isolated in tiny cages where they often go completely psychotic and sometimes self-mutilate.


They’re killed by either putting a metal clamp in their mouths while being anally or vaginally electrocuted, or hitting them over the head with a long hard object, or gassing them and skinning them, often while they’re still alive because they’re still conscious – all for a fashion statement or status symbol.

Coyotes are frequently trapped in the wild, leaving them mangled and bloodied, and then shot in the face, for fur trim – again, all for a fashion statement. It is well documented that the popular Canada Goose retailers are shamefully responsible for the brutal mutilation and violent killing of millions of coyotes (dogs) for trendy (but completely unnecessary) fur trim. Not to mention, the annual killing of baby seals for seal fur coats.


Fur-free Friday protest and march in Portland, OR. November 2016

You don’t need to wear someone else’s fur to feel and look beautiful. One you know the truth of fur, there’s no excuse for animal abuse.

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