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Today is my birthday, a day like most – I am happy, I am fulfilled, I have so many who love and appreciate me – I have everything I need. But it is also another day where factory farm animals, by the millions, are being horrifically tortured and abused in the most cruel of ways. We are not worthy of their gentle and innocent beauty until we stop ignoring the crimes we commit against them.

We were meant to live peacefully with them and to watch out for them; not be the primary cause of their suffering. 

Mankind made this horror show up and, if the earth even survives much longer, it will go down in history as the sickest, most cruel and barbaric sins of all time. Worse than anything we’ve ever done to each other, because they are voiceless and defenseless and unprotected from the worst evils man is capable of.

Not only are there no laws against most all cruelty and abuse toward farm animals, it is universally sanctioned. And the only “God” that will save them is the God in all of us: The Love and Compassion that exists within all of us.

We must stop pretending how meat and dairy are produced and do everything we can to end this, Not “someday”,  TODAY. NOW. The definition of sin is ‘an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law’.

Who, but a psychopath, would disagree that what we do to animals for unnecessary consumption is not against divine law? This isn’t a religious issue, it’s an indication of humanity’s moral compass – there will be no peace in this world until this ends.

The best present in the world I could get for my birthday is your willingness to open your eyes and wake up to the suffering we are causing them. Educate yourselves about what’s really going on. Watch this powerful video – it will open your eyes and heart. 

Be daring. Go vegan.


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